Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Birthdays Come, Birthdays Go, Another Year Without You, and Another Year Closer to Seeing You Again

25.  Today would be your 25th birthday.  A quarter of a century.  

I had a dream about you early this morning.  I love when you are there, sending heavenly messages.  Those dreams seem to tell me how much you love me.  They tell me you are not far.  They tell me you are watching over me, your dad, and our family.  The feelings I have when I awake are often filled with emotions that stretch from A-Z, especially around your birthday and the day you left us.  To say, “I miss you” truly can never convey the depth to which I do.  I dearly miss you Birthday Boy, ok ok, young man!

What gifts can I possibly give you being that you are in another realm?
- My promise to be a faithful disciple of Christ.  

- My promise to be loving and kind in a world that has become somewhat contentious.

- My promise to work hard so that I can see you and be with you again.

- My promise to attend the temple often.  It is the place where I have felt the heavens open and wrap me

in comfort and peace.

I recently had a conversation with our granddaughters about those who die.  I shared with them, how both Dad and I know, how happy you are.  Brielle added “and safe.”  Yes, you are both “safe” and “happy.”  You are safe from the evils, trials, and all the unkindness that exists in this world.  And yet, you are happy, happily engaged in the work that goes on after this life.  I well imagine your beautiful infectious smile blessing those with whom you come in contact.  These are the thoughts that comfort and lift my heart.  With faith, hope, and love, anything is possible and achievable, even peace.  


I will continue to keep my eyes on heaven.  And when I notice that “twinkling” star I sometimes see, I will continue to think of you flashing me that brilliant smile (as I always do) and know that all will be right one day.  

Happy Birthday Zach

PS:  Your flowers were made by Brook and Brielle this year and I love their arrangements so much!  They made them with so much care, thought, and love.

    Mark wanted me to add the Linkin Park version as they were Zach’s favorite band

Zach was our light

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